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In Search Of Japanese Fantasy Baseball

I’ve become enamored with the World Baseball Classic, and am currently in search of Japanese fantasy baseball in English. Among my contentious contentions is the best way to learn something is to make it into a game. I firmly believe the American public would like hockey if they played the fantasy game, and with that, opine the best way to immerse myself in Asian baseball would be to find a fantasy service that offers Japanese leagues and play the game.

I’m not without knowledge of the league and game itself, but much like the average MLB fan, can only name the very best players and a handful of the young prospects upcoming. Viewing the Korean and Japanese WBC All-Star teams, I’m becoming cognisant of both how disciplined and contrasting the style of play is against Major League Baseball. For years I’ve been a man that prefers the minor leagues and all the down-home mawkishness that entails, and don’t mind the lesser athlete or the lack of the big spectacle. I’m certain there’s room in my heart for the Asian leagues too, as I’m a ****** for anything baseball, ignoring the ever-present scandal of the day because it hurts the place where my unbridled passion lies.

And the final positive of playing Japanese fantasy baseball would be in the competitors I could recruit; the so-called fantasy experts both professional and amateur. Wouldn’t it be a hoot to take them back to square one, a place most haven’t dwelled since the 80s? I surmise it would be a journey of peril but a good one none the less.

Dan Quon