Tony Abreu Makes his Major League Debut

Abreu hasstatistically been down, up and down again this season at Triple-A Las Vegas,
and now finds himself up in the majors going 0-for-3 with an error playing third
base. He was hitting an overall .347 in the Pacific Coast League with two home runs and a
.503 slugging.

22-year-old has never garnered the same interest as many of the Dodgers’ sexier
prospects, but he profiles as a pretty decent player as an everyday second baseman
once Jeff Kent is no longer in the picture; solid gap/line drive power and quality defense. He won the high Single-A Florida State League batting title in
2005, less prolific in his Double-A performance last year, but enough development to warrant the
advance. He won’t be star or a home run king, but should hit enough at the
position in a year or two making him more than a defense-first type.

uncertain what the Dodgers plans are at present, noting Abreu is the third young
player and second call up from Triple-A to play the hot corner. Is the Andy LaRoche
era delayed based on a 30 at-bat sample?
If that’s the case it would seem he got about the same rope-length as Wilson Betemit. Abreu will need time in the the majors
before he’s ready to be an asset. Like many young Dominican-signed players he’s
not a patient hitter yet. He swings at first offering far too regularly, and
while he usually puts the ball in play, more discipline will be a requirement
he needs to address. A solid, not great, prospect that isn’t likely to help out
too much offensively without learning on the job; the notion the Dodgers will
trade for a big hot-corner bat still the talk of many rumor sites.


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