Andrew Miller, Rick Ankiel and Lastings Milledge

Millergets the call for Jeremy Bonderman; DL-ed retroactive to May 9 and possibly
returning May 24th. Obviously Miller is the superior choice to Virgil Vasquez,
who was not able to beat the odds and carry his minor league hot streak to the
majors. The southpaw made one start for Double-A Erie – an eight inning shutout
— after being promoted from high Single-A where he was 1-4 in seven starts
with a 3.48 ERA.

aside, his overall numbers this season have not been great showing a weak strikeout
rate against the competition level and hit far too regularly. Again, repeating
this line far too often, he’s not ready for a full-time starting gig in the majors.
The Tigers have wisely picked an interleague start against the currently light-hitting
Cardinals for last year’s sixth overall college pick to face. I’d personally
like to see him in the minors until September, but recognizing the need is now.
It shouldn’t be long term however.


Rick Ankiel
has pulled up lame, being placed on the Triple-A Pacific Coast Leage 7-day disabled list
because of an Achilles’ tendon injury. Cardinals’ general manager Walt Jocketty
said this week that the condition is not believed serious, according to the St.
Louis Post-Dispatch.
Quick! How many of you thought the former prize pitching prospect
turned Steve Blass could re-invent himself as a hitter? Well, guess what? He’s been
one of the better hitters in the PCL this year posting a .281/.318/.579
performance with nine home runs and 31 RBI, noting he doesn’t like to walk much
with a 26/6 K:BB ratio in 33 games. Assuming the injury is as described, we
could see him in the majors this season as an outfielder, with the production from
a few in St. Louis kindly referred to as weak.


Lastings Milledge —
currently with Triple-A New Orleans — may have worn out his welcome with the latest fiasco of bad press for his recent rap endeavor. On Wednesday
one fantasy writer wrote Milledge and Don Imus in the same sentence, implying
that backlash and resulting penalty are somehow connected to this issue.

I won’t go
there, not for a second, but will say the Mets have some other outfield prospects.
If they are as image conscious as many claim, they could explore trade options.
And honestly, there are 29 teams that will take that call. The heavily talented
22-year-old needs to grow up a bit, but did the troubles of Elijah Dukes, Delmon
Young, and in recent past, Milton Bradley, keep them from a career, or even
a lack of interest?

Nah, the
business of baseball has too few places for lower-end morality issues of this


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