The Carlos Gomez Promotion

The Metssent Mike Pelfrey back to Triple-A, an excellent decision I thought overdue but
not for the same reasons most of the pundits believe. I wrote on it earlier in
the month at this link, but would now like to turn my attention to Gomez; the 21-year-old
called up and expected to get the bulk of playing time in Moises Alou’s absence.


I like
Gomez for his tool set, bat speed, and overall potential, but his aggressive nature at the
plate coming into 2007  — consistent with
many Dominican-signed players — leaves much to be desired; the descriptor many experts have used is “raw.” Still, the speed and outfield defense is real and
he’s a good short-term fit with both Lastings Milledge and Ben Johnson down
with injuries in Triple-A New Orleans. The one noted improvement this season in
the Pacific Coast League – -where he posted a .283/.363/.415 performance – was in
the walk totals with a 23/15 K:BB ratio in 36 games; his 17-of- 21 steals proof
only that his speed and numbers carry to the higher levels. He was overly aggressive,
hits poorly behind in the count, and the lack of patience hasn’t permitted his
power to develop.


He’s an interesting player and I think he might
begin well, but overall he’s too underdeveloped. My best guess is he’ll be
fodder for major league pitchers in his present state, just as soon as the pro
scouting departments get a read on him
. I
also think that of the Mets’ current position prospects, only Fernando Martinez
— at Double-A Binghamton — might have a bigger upside, with Milledge the odds-on
favorite for a better career strictly because he profiles as safer without the


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