Back To The Fantasy Minors

After years in the expert and dynasty leagues I’ve exiled myself back to the minors for non-performance; middling to horrific results in consecutive years, a case of too many leagues, too much work, and too many members of my family requesting pieces of my soul. In the classic example of work-related irony, the people working in the industry spend all their energy tending to the needs of the masses directing none to their own fantasy teams.  The minors in this case are the free public leagues. Note for the all-too competitive – There are no rules in the public leagues prohibiting the experienced from participating and I have no intention of winning any prizes.

I began this journey on the weekend, joining a Yahoo! public “competitive” 12-team mixed league under my wife’s account. I intentionally repeated the major mistake made in the past two seasons by showing up at the draft without a list, thus providing the first of many excuses I’m going to need this season for poor results. As a long-time minor league guy there isn’t many in the majors I haven’t researched, scouted, and formed an opinion on long before they became the player they are today. I‘m also a dynasty league 13-15 category H2H guy, and have struggled in my attempt to come back to 5 X 5 rotocategorical. So I made a concerted effort to concentrate on the stolen base and the save, unnecessary elements in deep-league large category H2H. And I began this draft by making a token gesture to my friend and former editor, Jeff Erickson, who ranked Carl Crawford higher than anyone else I know of in the industry prior to the 2005 season. I took Crawford 10th overall over Bobby Abreu, despite my belief that Crawford is an injury in waiting.  For the remainder of the draft I chose players –mainly young — I liked as prospects making the supreme mistake of taking too many high-risk closers and a cheap starting pitcher strategy that’s flawed given the shallow depth of a 12-team mixed league. And to make matters worse, I didn’t factor team into the equation, and wound up owning two Marlins in Miguel Cabrera and Jeremy Hermida, as well as four Devil Rays with Crawford, Aubrey Huff, Jorge Cantu, and Rocco Baldelli. Is it possible for Cabrera to hit 40 solo home runs this year?

I’m currently in search of a Sportsline public league for next week, hoping I can join each of the different free public leagues before the season begins. It’ll be a nice inclusion to the minor leagues and prospects, a chance to routinely report on my own faults and failings as a minor league fallen expert. Who knows, I may actually learn a thing or two about the quality of public leagues along the way.
Dan Quon



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