Phillies’ Michael Bourn

Bourn is assigned to Triple-A Scranton Wilkes/Barrie on Tuesday after going 2-for-7 during spring training,

Bourn is a guy I really like for the future, and am at present ignoring his Double-A debut in 2005 for being skipped a level without a great deal of professional experience. There’s some debate as to whether Bourn, a fourth round pick in 2003, is the team’s best outfield prospect or whether that moniker belongs to the first-rounder in 2004 Greg Golsen.

My preference for being older and more defensively proficient is Bourn, who is actually the faster of the two and has the better arm. Attention you fantasy 5X5ers, he’s been favorably compared to Kenny Lofton with a vastly superior arm, high on-base skills, speed, and more pop than the likes of Willy Taveras and co. Whether he is a young Lofton or ex-Phillies failure Marlon Byrd remains to be seen, but I’d suggest the fact he’s being promoted so quickly is an indicator the Phillies think he’s a somebody.

His strikeouts took a jump in 2005 but given the advancement the overall 123/63 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 135 Double-A Eastern League games is not frightful nor is 38-of–50 in the stolen base department. Recognize and take into account the lack the overall upper-level experience thus far, and watch him as a prospect of note from the International League this year.


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